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lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013




01 - Garnett Silk - Intro - Nothing Can Divide Us
02 - Garnett Silk - A place in Your Heart
03 - Garnett Silk - It's Growing
04 - Garnett Silk - Belly Full
05 - Garnett Silk - Zion Ina Vision
06 - Garnett Silk - Hello Mama Africa
07 - Garnett Silk - Mama


viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013




  • 1 Di Eagle An' Di Bear 4:14
  • 2 Wat About Di Workin' Claas? 5:12
  • 3 Di Great Insohreckshan 4:02
  • 4 Making History 4:19
  • 5 Reggae Fi Radni 4:24
  • 6 Reggae Fi Dada 4:50
  • 7 New Craas Massahkah 6:30

Companies etc
Recorded At – Studio 80
Artwork – Bruno Tilley
Bass, Producer, Mixed By, Engineer – Dennis Bovell
Drums – Richard Stevens*
Engineer – Godwin Logie, Martin Rex, Stephen Street
Featuring – Dub Band, The
Guitar – John Kpiaye
Keyboards – Paget King
Mastered By – John Dent
Percussion – Geoffrey Forrest
Photography By – Ashworth*
Producer – Linton Kwesi Johnson
Synthesizer – Nick Straker
Trombone – Henry Buttons*
Trumpet – Patrick Tenyue
Recorded at Studio 80, 6/8 Emerson St., London, UK.

Making History is an album by dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson, released in 1983 on the Island Records label. It was produced by Linton Kwesi Johnson and Dennis Bovell (credited as Blackbeard).


Mekkin histri
Now tell mi someting
Mistah govahment
Tell mi someting

How lang yu really feel
Yu coulda keep wi andah heel
Wen di trute done reveal
Bout how yu grab an steal
Bout how yu mek yu crooked deal
Mek yu crooked deal?

Well doun in soutall
Where peach did get fall
Di Asians dem faam up a human wall
Gense di fashist an dem police sheil
An dem show dat di Asians gat plenty zeal
Gat plenty zeal, gat plenty zeal

It is noh mistri
Wi mekkin histri
It is noh mistri
Wi winnin victri
Now tell mi someting
Mistah police spokesman
Tell mi someting

How lang yu really tink
Wi woulda tek yu batn lick
Yu jackboot kick
Yu dutty bag a tricks
An yu racist pallyticks
Yu racist pallyticks?

Well doun in Bristal
Dey ad noh pistal
But dem chase di babylan away
Man yu shoulda si yu babylan
How dem really run away
Yu shoulda si yu babylan dem dig up dat dey
Dig up dat dey, dig up dat dey

It is noh mistri
Wi mekkin histri
It is noh mistri
Wi winnin victri
Now tell mi someting
Mistah ritewing man
Tell mi someting

How lang yu really feel
Wi woulda grovel an squeal
Wen soh much murdah canceal
Wen wi woun cyaan heal
Wen wi feel di way wi feel
Feel di way wi feel?

Well dere woz Toxteh
An dere woz moss side
An a lat a addah places
Whey di police ad to hide

Well dere woz Brixtan
An dere woz Chapeltoun
An a lat a addah place dat woz burnt to di groun
Burnt to di groun, burnt to di groun

It is noh mistri
Wi mekkin histri
It is noh mistri
Wi winnin victri

jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013




A1 Creation Foundation 3:44
A2 Batchelor Style 3:24
A3 Kouchie 3:52
A4 Burial 3:52
A5 Fancy Rock 3:04
B1 Music Works Theme 3:55
B2 Willy Red 2:56
B3 Declaration Of Rights 3:41
B4 Party Time 3:55
B5 Patrick's Case 3:57

Arranged By – Willie Lindo
Executive Producer – Patrick Masters
Producer – Augustus "Gussie" Clarke
Dub tracks from album "Changes"
Mixed At Tuff Gong.
Recorded At Channel One, Harry J and Joe Gibbs.




  •    Fire Of Heaven / Altar Of Earth 3:58
  •    Youth 4:18
  •    Time Of Your Song 4:27
  •    Dispatch The Troops 4:05
  •    Indestructible 4:09
  •    What I'm Fighting For 2:11
  •    Jerusalem 4:00
  •    WP 3:58

   Featuring - Marlon "Moshe" Sobol , Stanley Ipcus

  •    Shalom / Saalam 1:05

   Featuring - Yusu Youssou

  •    Late Night In Zion 3:13
  •    Unique Is My Dove 3:24
  •    Ancient Lullaby 4:18

   Featuring - Yusu Youssou

  •    King Without A Crown 3:42

Bass, Keyboards - Josh Werner
Drums - Jonah David
Engineer - Robert Musso
Guitar - Aaron Dugan
Mastered By - Michael Fossenkemper
Producer - Bill Laswell , Ill Factor , Jimmy Douglass
Vocals - Matisyahu


jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013





A1 Fly Away
A2 Shakey Girl
A3 I'm A Natty
A4 Keep On Knocking

B1 You'll Live On
B2 Just A Dread
B3 Keep On Running
B4 Back Yard Movements

BACKING VOCALS: Dennis Brown, Jacob Miller, Beres Hammond
BASS: George Fullwood, Lloyd Sparks
DRUMS: Sly Dunbar, Mikey Richards, Santa
GUITAR: Toney Chin, Bo-pe, Willie Lindo
HORNS: Tommy McCook, Cedrick Brooks, Vin Gorden, D. Madden
PIANO: Franklyn Waul, Winston Wright
ORGAN: Franklyn Waul, Errol Nelson
PERCUSSION: Sticky, Clive Hunt, Ruddy Thomas
SYNTHESIZER: Clive Hunt, Winston Wright, Ala
CLARINET: Clive Hunt, Ala

PRODUCED BY: Errol Thompson, Joe Gibbs
RECORDED AT: Joe Gibbs Recording Studio

"Showcase" albums (where the vocal is followed by the dub) bring the format of the sound system to the home listening environment of the LP – offering us the best of both worlds on one disc. So although VP's decision to reissue Jacob "Killer" Miller's posthumous Joe Gibbs- produced retrospective Jacob Miller Lives On on cd in this altered state may raise the odd eyebrow, the grafted on versions and deejay cuts will be met with approval from most quarters.

They've also jumbled the tracklisting, but this has happened before. Lives On was released with the title I'm Just A Dread on LP by Gibbs' son Carl's Rocky One label with some additions and the original songs in another altogether different order. Later Gibbs himself would put it out in the same form and under that name on cd in 2000. VP's claim that theirs is the first ever cd issue of this record is, therefore, only half true.

As the original singer with Inner Circle and as a solo artist, Jacob Miller reached incredible heights of popularity in Jamaica during the 1970s before a car crash took him from us at the start of the new decade. His trade mark "stuttering" style may not be for everyone, but the boundless energy in his voice marks him out as one of reggae's (quite literally) larger than life characters.

The album commences with I'm A Natty, Miller's dread interpretation of the Wailers' more universally themed Soul Rebel, benefitting greatly from sometime Wackies session man Allah's ear-catchingly squelchy synthesizer work, before fading into one of I Roy's finest toasts - Knotty Knots. Next comes the fierce, militant drumming of Miller's massive smash Shakey Girl, a rebuke to his errant lover, boasting a pugnacious dub from Gibbs and Errol Thompson (the Mighty Two). Like I'm A Natty, I'm Just A Dread is another do-over (of Alton Ellis' rocksteady hit, I'm Just A Guy) adding some of Miller's beloved herb lyrics to the rhythm's cool shuffle, with a guest appearance by another top ranking deejay, Trinity, to see us out.

In fact, despite Miller's excellent vocals and rasta commitment, it is the toasters who steal the show. U Brown gives an effortless, flowing performance on the back end of Keep On Knocking (not to be confused with the heavy, minor key, Augustus Pablo produced cut of the same name), Welton Irie rides the new style heavy dancehall rhythm of Keep On Running, and Killer Brown's mellow musings are a fitting end to Miller's anti-violence anthem, Back Yard Movements. Three bonus dubs (two by Gibbs, one by Pablo) bring proceedings to a fragmented but satisfactory end.

These were some of the last tracks recorded before Miller's untimely death, and are great examples of the level of quality generated by the Gibbs/Thompson partnership. This new, and in some ways improved, VP release is a fitting tribute to them all.

Reviewed by Angus Taylor

martes, 22 de octubre de 2013




01 Chalice In The Palace - U Roy
02 Throw Away Your Gun - Prince Far I
03 This Land Is For Everyone - Abyssinians
04 Bluesy Baby - Sly Dunbar
05 Hearsay - The Gladiators
06 Natty Dread She Want - Big Youth
07 Wear You To The Ball - U Roy
08 Never Get Burn - Twinkle Brothers
09 Message From The King - Prince Far I
10 Universal Tribulation - Gregory Issacs
11 Up Town Top Ranking - Althea & Donna
12 Too Long In Slavery - Culture
13 Song Of Blood - Linton Kwesi Johnson
14 Le Jah Be Praised - The Gladiators
15 Cry Tough - Johnny Clark




1 Welcome To Africa
2 Blackman Rise
3 Woman Of Creation
4 Nothing Cah Wrong
5 Feed The Children
6 Too Much War
7 Make A Visit
8 Let It Grow Featuring – Jesse Jendah*
9 Gambian Girls
10 Planet In Peril
11 Where Is The Love
12 Branded Again

Sizzla is back with his second album in just one month. February saw the release of the Caveman produced set 'The Chant', and now it’s time for 'Sizzla in Gambia', mostly recorded in the African country during a visit in 2008, with post-production in Jamaica by DJ Karim of Stainless Music.

Since 2009 Sizzla has dropped five albums. Three of these – 'Crucial Times', 'The Chant' and 'Ghetto Youth-Ology' – have been produced by people said to have worked the deejay since the beginning, and marketed with a back to the roots type of campaign.

Sizzla In GambiaAnd 'Sizzla in Gambia' differs from these sets – not only by its more contemporary producer – by being more dancehall-driven, even though hip-hop influences are also apparent. There’s only one straight one drop – the previously released Blackman Rise. The other eleven songs are previously unreleased.

'Sizzla in Gambia' is far from solid, but contains a healthy dose of catchy melodies and conscious and spiritual lyrics.

The uplifting, yet frenetic, African chant Welcome to Africa opens the album and is later followed by the acoustic, yet furious, Make a Visit, which hits you like a punk rock song, while Where Is the Love is almost Barry White-like in its tone and mood.

It’s been a while since Sizzla dropped a real gem, but this album is together with last year’s 'The Scriptures' his most cohesive set in years.