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1. Kings Highway 6:49
2. Dialogue - Ras Headful 2:57
3. Jah Is I Shepherd 6:27
4. Dialogue - Ras Tawny 2:54
5. Jah Jah Know 6:43
6. Dialogue - Ras Pidow 4:00
7. Black Liberation 8:58
8. Dialogue - Ras Marcus 4:55
9. Trod Along 6:22
10. Dialogue - Sista Bubbles 1:37
11. Love Is To Open Jah Door 5:58
12. Dialogue - Bongo Shep 1:54
13. 400 Years 7:03
14. Dialogue - Ras Bigga 1:13
15. Trodding To Zion 5:46
16. Martin Luther King

Product Details
Audio CD (July 1, 1991)
Original Release Date: March 19, 1991
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Ras

Rastafari Elders
Bongo Shep
Ras Pidow
Ras Marcus
Sista Bubbles
Ras Headful
Ras Tawny
Ras Bigga

Members:Bongo Shep, Ras Bigga, Ras Headfull, Ras Marcus, Ras Pidow, Ras Tawny, Sista Bubbles

There are 7 dialogue sections on this disc, the speakers are the Rastafarian Elders themselves. Samples for these dialogue tracks have been used extensively in electronic music, most notable by Thievery Corporation and Congo Natty. Some of the samples from this record are somewhat common in Jungle music and to a lesser extent Dubstep. Producers would be advised to lookout for this disc, it is a dream for samples. Also the message of The Elders is amazing and uplifting. The music consists of Nyahbinghi sounds, Grounation style, chanting to Jah, etc.>review by weedmusic

RASTAFARI ELDERS is a CD consisting of 16 tracks, hymns interspersed with dialogues, from 7 representatives of the Nyabinghi sect of Rastafarianism. For any person interested in comparative religion and studying the basic facts of the Rastafarian faith, this CD is highly recommended. There are many key books in the academic world on Rastafarianism, but this CD, with its inspired singing and personal dialogues, shows a better glimpse of faith in the lives of individual Rastafarians. The liner notes give an well-written introduction to the religion.
Certainly an unusual CD, I came across it because of the samples of the album used in Thievery Corporation's SOUNDS FROM THE THIEVERY HI-FI, but I credit this CD with showing me that Rastafarianism is a rich and novel spiritual tradition, and not the American stereotype of the marijuana-smoking reggae musician.>

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